Devoted to tone

Vintage Elegance

Bevan's guitars are historical reinterpretations, incorporating such classic elements as the slotted headstock, pyramid bridge, and others, while being very much modern steel string fingerstyle guitars

Bevan strives to bring harmony to every aspect of his instruments. The perfect blend of aesthetic and and tonal ingredients will enchant your senses and  invite you further into the music.

She's a responsive guitar, crisp and precise, with trebles that are bell-like, loud, clear, darkly romantic, and colorful.

The intonations are spot-on, amazingly so, and the guitar has a kind of three-pronged perfection:

the blend, the separation, and the sustain are like nothing I've heard before -- precise, musical, chillingly beautiful

                          - J. Skibell

Frost's focus, dedication, and willingness to chase down his ideas through several iterations of design have made him one of the finest luthiers working today, young or old, and his fresh approach to traditional processes yields exquisite instruments

- Matt Fox, Fretboard Journal