Traditional Craftsmanship / Dynamic Response / Powerful, Balanced Tone  

I am a fingerstyle player who loves the country blues and my designs evolved from my desire to recreate the sound and look of vintage small-bodied guitars. Excellent for either fingerstyle or flatpicking, these guitars are powerful, balanced instruments that will surprise and delight anyone looking for :

  • Vintage tone 
  • Volume
  • Excellent response
  • Balance across 3 octaves 
  • Wider neck
  • Visual appeal 


As featured in the Fretboard Journal 

-A smaller bodied guitar that doesn't make compromises 

Elegant miter work

"The most exciting instrument at the Colorado Custom Guitar Festival from a new luthier" 

                          - Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine

I have known Bevan for a number of years as he began his work building guitars and from the very start, he showed great skill (very important) and a gift for evoking excellent tone from his small body guitars. His  instruments have much of the look and feel of the early Larson Brothers, Maurer, Stahl and Washburn small guitars, but with a touch of Martin and Gibson as well.  He also incorporates modern structures for added stability and adjustability to make guitars that give a nod to the past but are very much of the present.  Unlike so many modern makers who build stunningly beautiful instruments that lack a significant musicial voice, Bevan's guitars are powerful, full throated and very authoratitive in their voices.  A rare talent in today's guitar market.  Keep up the great work, Bevan.  I look forward to playing more of your instruments.

                          - John Greven, Luthier  

Contact Me:     307-760-5558 

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